Aallon valokuvausseura

Account information (Nordea)

Aallon valokuvausseura ry
FI20 1309 3000 1124 33


The association is governed by a yearly elected board.

Board members in 2016

Teemu Ojalachairman
Lauri Tervonensecretary
Ville Romanovtreasurer
Lauri Uotinenvice chair

What board?

The board is responsible for example on managing this web site, accepting new members, taking care of the dark room, and organizing events. A new board is elected every year in the election meeting that takes place in November or December. If you have any questions about the association, don't hesitate to contact the board!


You can reach the board at You can also contact the chair directly via the email address, or by phone at 041 454 6303.

Usually you can also find some members of the board at the IRC channel #teekkarikamerat at IRCNet.

The postal address for the club is Aallon valokuvausseura c/o AYY, P.O. Box 69, FI-02151 Espoo, Finland