Aallon valokuvausseura


The photography laboratory located at Jämeräntaival 5B (basement) is accessible to all members. There is a darkroom suitable for developing films, and also for making both color and B&W prints (real wet prints). There is also a high quality film scanner suitable for scanning both 35mm and medium format film.

Attention! The renovation in Jämeräntaival 5 B starts early in 2018. During the time period, the current darkroom is unavailable for usage.

How to book

The usage of the darkroom and scanner costs 4 € per day. Alternatively, you can pay a yearly fee of 39 €, and skip the per day charge. If you wish to use the latter option, send a free from application email to the board. You can make a reservation in Intra, and enter using your personal entry code.

If you have just applied for a membership, please note that your access code will not work until your membership application has been approved by the board.

Additional info

If you have not used a photography darkroom before, it is highly recommended to first go to the B&W course. There is typically a course every semester.

Collective B&W printing chemicals are included in the reservation price. You can also buy chemicals and some other materials at the lab. Current inventory can be found in Intra.


Lauri Kovanen, 2010

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